Sample Thank You Letter After Interview

After your interview is over it is important to write a thank you letter. This is your chance to get yourself in front of the interviewee one last time before they make a decision.  If you want to know thank you letter basics see our article about what to include (Thank You Letter for Interview- What To Include) which includes basic format, introduction and closing. Below are some examples of paragraphs for certain situations or jobs to use as a guide when writing your letter.

General Thank You Letter

I appreciate that you took time to discuss with me, the customer service position at General Installation, Inc. After examining the organization and interviewing with you, I am confident that my qualifications and experience match well with your needs.

Besides my skills and background, I will bring an outstanding work ethic and passion to the position.  I understand the importance of having responsible and trustworthy representatives that provide your customers with top notch service. I believe it would be a great experience to be part of your team.

Emphasizes Position Match

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on Monday to discuss the engineering position.

During the interview I felt a terrific sense of connection with you and the whole staff at Jacobs Engineering. I am convinced that I would fit perfectly as a team member of the engineering staff. My qualifications, experience, expertise and aptitude would fit well with the vision and goals at Jacobs Engineering.

Enticing Thank You Letter

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you on Tuesday morning. I enjoyed the interview and was intrigued by your knowledge of the job, as well as Jefferson & Hamilton Marketing.

As I was on the way home the interview, I was reassessing our discussion and became increasingly aware of the fact that my qualifications and talents belong at Jefferson & Hamilton. I believe that I could help the company achieve and surpass the goals and milestones we discussed in regards to marketing clients and advertising. I have the knowledge and background to enhance your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns.  I fell that I could be an intricate part of your winning team.

Part of the strategy that I would look at is the amount of time it is taking to get into new markets. I would look at how it is being done currently and look at implementing some of the tactics I have learned over the years to make the marketing campaign flow seamlessly from start to finish. I would be happy to discuss this further with you if you have any questions or comments.

These are a few examples of letters you can use to fit to your situation.  Please comment with your questions, comments, or experiences.